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Date Tuesday, May 12th, 10:30 – 13:15 CET

Location Virtual – Live Event

  • 10:30  11:00

    Keynote: Cybersecurity Trends and Vision in a Fast-Changing Society

    Forescout presenter: Myles Bray, Vice President EMEA – Forescout Technologies

    To say that we live in “challenging” times is a large understatement – as the COVID-19 outbreak showed us how quickly we need to be able to adapt to changes, both private and business wise.

    The last years have been characterized by explosive proliferation of devices that reside on corporate networks. IoT- and OT-devices join networks by the millions or billions every year. All kinds of endpoint applications, operating systems and virtual instances must be monitored to make sure they don’t go rogue. New technologies like 5G and Wi-Fi 6, that will facilitate the adoption of IoT and OT even faster, are around the corner. And one can expect that Post COVID-19, these trends will further accelerate.

    What’s more, all this activity is happening on greatly expanded, tremendously complex extended networks and your corporate network has transitioned from a single entity to become a network of networks.
  • 30 minutes break
  • 11:30  12:00
    • Breakout #1 With Complete Visibility Comes the Power to Act – Fast!

      Forescout presenter: Keith Gilbert, UK Systems Engineer – Forescout Technologies

      Enterprises are under attack more than ever before and the recent update to the Forescout security platform will give our customers unparalleled ability to defend themselves by identifying and securing high-risk devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) systems - Faster. The session includes a live demo to show you how quickly you can identify IoT and OT devices, manage them and show the board how you mitigated risks during a global outbreak.
    • Breakout #2 Transforming Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation

      Forescout presenter: Doug Card, UK Sales Executive – Forescout Technologies

      CISOs are faced with the challenges of a growing number of threats while meeting more and more compliance directives. The new era of network segmentation has been designed to allow businesses to automate the identification and isolation of threats, without impacting operations. Despite network segmentation not being a new concept, adoption across the enterprise has been slow and when undertaken, often tedious – as typically organizations layer network segmentation on top of an existing network.

      Advanced network segmentation requires traffic context. Having insight into what devices are communicating between each other and what counts as legitimate or illegitimate traffic is paramount for CISOs today. Forescout’s eyeSegment allows organizations to create a baseline of what is communicating with what and helps make sense of the network chaos associated with the volume and diversity of connected devices, matching the demand from businesses to secure critical applications, mitigate increased exposure due to IoT devices and block the lateral movement of threats across flat networks.
    • Breakout #3 Arista & Forescout: Network Security Redefined

      Forescout presenter: Andrew Noonan, Manager Central SE team – Forescout Technologies

      Arista and Forescout have joined forces to reduce risk by providing policy-driven access control and segmentation across campus, datacenter, cloud and OT networks. Arista is leveraging its cloud networking principles to bring resiliency, consistency and automation to campus networks.

      With the combination of Arista and Forescout, customers can enhance network operations with Arista capabilities while also leveraging Forescout’s enterprise-wide device visibility and policy management. This enables you to boost network performance, increase compliance and secure heterogenous networks.
    • Breakout #4 Security in the IT-OT Era, Device Visibility and Control

      Forescout presenter: Bob Reny, EMEA CTO – Forescout Technologies

      It’s a basic truth: You can’t secure what you can’t see.
      Attackers are continuously searching for unmanaged and unsecured devices, and they will eventually find and exploit your blind spots. Visibility and control are the cornerstones of security and compliance. Organizations everywhere are realizing that they have a massive and growing visibility gap. With billions of IoT and OT devices coming and going from enterprise networks, agentless device visibility is essential.

      Through a live demo we will show how you can identify and manage IT- and OT-devices as soon as they connect to the network.
  • 30 minutes break
  • 12:30  13:15

    Cybersecurity Round Table – How to Secure Networks in 2020 and Beyond

    In this multidisciplinary panel cyber experts from the industry and large organizations will discuss the main security challenges of today and share best-practices to cope with these in 2020 and beyond. Topics to be addressed are Zero Trust Networking, Impact of New Technologies, Security Challenges in a Post COVID-19 Era.

Moderator : Dr Jessica Barker

Dr. Jessica Barker

We are delighted to have Dr Jessica Barker, a leader in the human nature of cybersecurity, moderate our upcoming event. Barker has been named one of the top 20 most influential women in cybersecurity in the UK and awarded as one of the UK’s Tech Women 50 in 2017. Join us as we discuss the current issues we are facing during this challenging time.



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